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Monday Gifts Commercial

This time, the narrative of the TELE2 Monday gift commercial takes place in a space station, where humans are not the sole inhabitants! As always, our studio was responsible for producing all the numerous CG assets and shots, and now there is a lot we’d like to share about it!


Alien, the character

Ultimately, the main and the most complex challenge for us was to develop a 3D character – the Alien. It was important that this character embodied not only realism but also charisma, evoking delight and a heartfelt smile. Furthermore, the client's vision for the Alien's skin was to possess reptilian qualities while avoiding of any repulsiveness, but being full of warmth. Altogether, it was a substantial creative challenge for us.


When the whole character was finished, a specific task for us was to determine what type of eyes our Alien has, because it significantly affects his look and personality.

Alien’s eyes options


Furthermore, the most important part of creating CG characters is to achieve the funny and cute facial look via character's emotions. We started thinking about them at a very early stage of production.

Other Stuff

In addition to the main character himself, there were many other CG tasks in the video, some of them pretty much invisible (such as a bunch of cleanups), and also quite major, like building additional parts of the interior of the space cafe, creating the exterior of the space station and the Alien shuttle, producing holograms of gifts and so on.


Even though our hero's space shuttle only makes a brief appearance in the video, we put a lot of effort into carefully designing and perfecting every part of it. That's simply the way we like to work.


The interior of our hero's shuttle cabin had to be crafted in a way that it could be harmoniously and seamlessly integrated with the filming interiors, maintaining a bold yet lightweight design without being overloaded with details.


Another object we needed to come up with was a space station, with traffic jam of spacecrafts approaching the dock. The client's vision for it was a huge cube orbiting the Earth.


Holographic gift symbols and a holographic cube, which represents all the gifts together, play the significant role in this advertising campaign.


The cafe scene with a broken coffee machine is a funny and even slightly comedic episode. We had to design this location from scratch, keeping in mind that is had to fit naturally with the set of the room where Alina and the Alien were talking at a table.




PRODUCERAndrey Pshenitsyn


DOBRO TEAMDenis Kruglov, Ilya Trusov, Alexander Guryev, Anna Dehany, Vladimir Marychev, Mariya Vishnevskaya, Maksim Mikhaylov, Arina Abdrakhmanova, Valery Zelensky, Marina Pustovaya, Dmitry Olunin, Aslan Dzhantemirov, Anna Pozdeeva, Stanyslav Rykhlikov, Asya Indrali, Polina Lazareva, Max Svekolsky, Alexey Kalinin

SPECIAL THANKS TONikita Semenov, Maxim Boyko, Alexey Yakush, Anton Pashkanis, Anna Pavlova, Sergey Pripachkin, Pavel Izotov, Dmitry Lebedko, Alexander Panin, Yury Korshunov, Kseniya Bocharova, Alexey Kucherov, Anton Zharkov, Svetlana Mamchur, Alexander Starkov

IT SUPPORTVadim Dobrazhan

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