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dobro is an international creative computer graphics studio. We make up and show magnificent interesting stories in order to solve our clients' business tasks.

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What we do

Creative Development

We know how to create ideas and fill the product with the meaning! Even if at the very beginning of the project we receive just a few thesis from you, based on them, we will develop a full-fledged script with a voice-over text, storyboard, and offer options for the visual solution of your video.

Character Design & Animation

Our artists are able to create and fully design a CG character that will come to life in your commercial video. We will draw sketches, create 3D models and textures, we can also make hair, fur, clothes, and everything necessary to make the character vivid and attractive.

Logo Design

By designing titles for feature films and TV-shows we have gained extensive expertise in creating various logos and stylised lettering. We are experts in a well-known game with fonts, but we can also create a unique type treatment for your task.

3D Animation, Visual Effects & Rendering

We know how to create photorealistic objects, fill them with life and motion, frame them with impressive visual effects and muster everything up into incredible CG clips.

Motion Design

If there’s something unearthly in your project, which has no reference in real world, we can make up something unusual and use abstract images to tell your story.

VFX Compositing

If you desire to top up your video with computer graphics, we have extensive experience in on-set supervising and final compositing the computer graphics objects into the footage.

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