At the very beginning of the project we always arrange a meeting with you so we can discuss all the tasks that you would like to solve. Our producers will help you to correctly phrase your tasks in a specific professional language our designers speak, divide the project into stages, and combine a production schedule we’d strictly follow.


Creative Development

To be sure that the final result would not be a surprise to you, our creative team will present you with the ideas, visual references, set of technical approaches, and even draw rough concepts if necessary. At this stage we will determine the main direction in which our team will move, and a rough idea of how the final product will look like.

Treatment for "Kaspersky" brand video

Script & Storyboard

Returning constantly to the business goals the final video should solve, we are developing a script and drawing a storyboard for the future video. At this stage it will become clear whether the whole concept works, whether the basic idea is delivered, and how the mood of the whole project will look like.

Storyboard for "Kaspersky" brand video



We will make an edit of the static storyboard frames, add some music that suits the mood of the video and the draft voice-over. At this stage it’s possible to understand whether there are enough frames in the clip to solve the creative problem, and to define the duration of each shot. If something is missing from the story, we will promptly revise the storyboard and update the boardomatic.

If the project involves a combination of CG and shooting, at this stage we do a previs containing all the necessary elements and camera movements that need to be taken into account during the shooting.

Photomatic for "Kaspersky" brand video

Preshoot for "Kaspersky" brand video




Based on the boardomatic, we fill the 3D scenes with rough-shaped objects and animate the camera. At this stage we need to check the speed of camera and objects movements, angles, and editing cuts by movement. The animatics are usually not colored, but as the movements in the animatics become final, we will work on the detail and appearance of the three-dimensional objects.

In case of working with cinema footage, then after we receive the final cut of the video, we create a postvis, roughly integrating all the necessary three-dimensional elements in the footage.

Previs for "Russian Premier League" commercial

Postvis for "Russian Premier League" commercial



After the first successful iterations of animation or postvis, we will begin working on styleframes. Those are static colored key frames from the video in final quality. Having the black and white animatic and styleframes on hand, you can clearly understand how the final product will look like, visually and motionwise.

Styleframes for "Kaspersky" brand video1 / 7

Rendering & Assembling

As soon as animatic and styleframes are approved we proceed to the final rendering and final assembly of the clip. Technologically this is quite a complicated process and it will take us a whole lot of  time. To say more — sometimes these steps take a third of the entire production time of a project.

Final frames for "Kaspersky" brand video1 / 9

Music & Voice‑over

When the animatic is approved and we initiated the final steps of production, we start writing music and recording the final narrator's voice. Sound fx, if needed, will be created at the animatic stage and finalized as everything is ready.

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