Opening credits for TV series directed by Daniil Kozlovsky

We would like to present you the opening credits for the Russian TV-series "Karamora" produced by DK Entertainment and directed by Daniil Kozlovsky.

ClientDK Entertainments
SectorFeature Films


The main idea for the opening credits was to visualize the confrontation of two worlds: humans and vampires. Many of the key scenes of the series are happening around a table, as the protagonists gather: vampires, anarchists, the nobility. Therefore, we used the image of the table, which is laid according to all the rules of etiquette, as a metaphor for an aristocratic society and as a unifying start for the title sequence.

We decided to fill this still-life with a lot of details, while table itself served as a canvas for further action. In addition, the table is usually associated with secret gatherings of all kinds, though the attributes of the table always are essentially the same, but their appearance will unmistakably determine what kind of society we have before us.Through various projections on the surface of the objects, we tell stories of what happened: violence, murder, sex, vampirism.


In the storyboard we clarified the intended camera movement, placed color and compositional accents and also selected reference moments from the footage of the film itself.



EU Tests

Even before the main stage of production, we made tests in UE, which allowed us first, to clearly demonstrate the main idea to the client, and, secondly, to work out the technology of imposing projection material on objects. With the help of this engine, we were able to select the right lighting, angles and content in the shortest possible time.

Projection content

Some of the projected images were taken from the film footage, and some had to be collected from stock and adapted for our purposes. We used commonly known images of "evil", such as blood, spiders, snakes, and burning flames. Erotic elements were also added according to the content of the film.

Historical references

All the content we selected for projection was stylised as a historical chronicle of the early twentieth century.

Historical references
Frames stylised as a chronicle
Frames stylised as a chronicle

Creative directorAlexey Dimkov

Executive ProducerTimofey Penkov

Chief Technical OfficerDmitrii Dolgikh

Creative producerNatasha Sorokina

ProducerNina Germanenko

Dobro teamSergey Sverdlik, Alexander Guryev, Marina Pustovaya, Arthur Terletskiy, Alexander Tokar, Anton Verevkin, Maksim Mikhaylov

IT supportVadim Dobrazhan

Special thanks toIndar Dzhendubaev

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